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Press Release - 2BlindMmics Podcast Now Available

Feb 16, 2018

For Immediate Release

“2BlindMics” Debuts on iTunes
Doctor Dre and T. Reid Co-Host Pioneering Podcast
Episode One: Academy Award winner Mo’Nique’s Beef With Netflix

Doctor Dre and T. Reid announced the debut today on iTunes of a podcast called “2BlindMics.” Their very first episode is a nuanced discussion of the decision by the Academy Award winning comedian Mo’Nique to call for a boycott of Netflix, which she accuses of “gender bias and color bias.”

The title of the podcast refers to the fact that the co-hosts, both of whom are seasoned media professionals, happen to be blind. “A new episode will be posted weekly.

Andre “Doctor Dre” Brown is probably best known for his stint as the co-host (with Ed Lover) of “Yo! MTV Raps” between 1988 and 1995. He spent the following 15 years as a high-profile radio disc jockey in New York and Los Angeles. He lost his eyesight six years ago as a result of Type 2 diabetes. Thomas “T.” Reid was an IT developer who lost his eyesight at the age of 35. He has spent the last dozen years as an advocate for the Blind, perhaps most notably as a contributor to Gatewave Radio and the host of “Reid My Mind Radio” podcast.

The title of their podcast is a measure of the host’s light-hearted attitude towards their disability. Yes, Dre and T. are blind, but “2BlindMics” does not confine itself to that subject. The show will feature interviews with celebrity guests from the worlds of politics, sports, and show business, as well as movie reviews, cooking demos, and whatever else engages its hosts. A forthcoming episode entitled “Fight the Power,” pegged to the campaign to remove Confederate statues from public spaces, opens into an impassioned - and amusing -- discussion of race relations in America today. “I’m blind,” Dre notes. “Everybody’s black to me.”

More seriously, T. notes that he’s “on a mission to inform folks who can see of the extent to which our blindness does not stop us or prevent us from taking an active interest in the events of the day. I'm hoping ‘2 Blind Mics’ can inform even as it entertains.”

For more information, please contact Heidy Ardonb